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Skincare and Makeup Training: Your Career Deserves Excellence

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Fashion is big business! Every fashion shoot, every magazine you riff through, every glitzy event you attend, you see people scanning others’ makeup and fashion quotient.

According to a recent Korean Market Research Report, there is a growing interest in the skincare and beauty treatments that promote exquisiteness and well-being. The job opportunities for estheticians are also expected to grow 18 percent through 2025.

Get ready to be a part of the style and panache of the glamour world! Work with leading fashionistas, and create contemporary semi-permanent makeup eyebrows and hairstyles.

Kickstart Your Career in the Glamour Industry

Being an esthetician means being knowledgeable about the latest trends in the makeup and skincare industry.

Whether it’s inspiring semi-permanent makeup eyebrows or the seasonal basics, Makeup Training in Singapore helps you stay abreast of the trendsetting skincare techniques, and look beautiful all day long.

As a trained esthetician, you will learn to be attentive to your clients’ inner health and well-being. The advanced training course helps you understand the right usage of natural products and techniques over invasive surgical treatments.

Golden Opportunity for Makeup Lovers!

Makeup and eyebrow embroidery courses aim is to arm students with the skillset and knowledge to become top makeup artists and beauty therapists in the multimillion South Korean won (KRW) beauty industry.

Estheticians are skilled at reviving the skin by giving massages, facials, and full-body treatments using the right skincare or makeup products and/or dermatological techniques such as laser acne removal.

A key aspect of treating clients is choosing the suitable skin care program for each individual’s lifestyle and skin type. Eventually, holistic skin care training can lead to a rewarding career helping people improve their skin’s health, reduce stress and promote the overall well being both inside and out.

Beauty and Skincare Courses by Certified Korean Stylists

Make-up should not only improve your natural beauty, but also provide you the freedom to express your individual style and personality. If you want to get rid of unruly hair and puffy eyes, change ordinary complexion into a glowing skin, then makeup and skincare training can help!

At OUNI, we strive to deliver the best-in-class makeup and skincare training that is well aligned with the globally accepted training standards. We offer the on-trend, interactive Korean semi-permanent makeup courses such as eyebrow embroidery, eyeline embroidery, lips embroidery and more.