A Gentle Introduction to the Art of Korean Eyebrow Tattoos

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A lot of women are not happy with the way their eyebrows look. Most complain that their eyebrows are too thin, extra thick, not in shape, or just have a wrong shade. For them, it is a never-ending battle between keeping their eyebrows in right shape and color and the eyebrows’ own natural growth; at least it was until now.

Korea kept a beauty secret for thousands of years. It is only in recent years, with the spread of the K-Wave or Hallyu, that the secret is being slowly revealed to the rest of the world.

Enter the World of Korean Eyebrow Tattoo Makeup

Since antiquity, eyebrow embroidery has helped Koreans deal with pesky eyebrows and look fresh and pretty. Although invented several millennia ago techniques are so simple that women can actually save time by switching to Korean eyebrow tattoo makeup instead of whatever they using right now.
Eyebrow embroidery is a much like tattooing. Your skin is treated with small, harmless needles and ink to change the color of your eyebrow. You can choose the color of the ink. The process sounds painful when you haven’t tried it, but it is not.

Lasting Results

In fact, if you were to get an eyebrow tattoo from OUNI academy graduates—who have been trained by instructors from South Korea—you can count on getting a great hairline above your eyes whose vibrant and lush color lasts from one through three years.

No Side-Effects

The chances of any side-effect are practically nil as long as the person doing eyebrow embroidery is an expert at her hard. Even history speaks for itself. Eyebrow embroidery has been around for quite a few years and the track record has been exceptionally good.


Consider Korean eyebrow tattoo makeup if you are unsatisfied with the look of the hair on your forehead. If you are in Singapore or one of the seven cities where OUNI runs eyebrow embroidery courses, you can consult the academy’s graduates. They will for sure give you the look you have always dreamed of.