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Breaking Up OUNI’s 5-Day Semi-Permanent Make-up Course

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Korean semi-permanent make up techniques constitute the latest trend in fashion. It was perfected in South Korea during the past couple of decades. In recent years, the demand for Korean makeup brands and techniques has surged in Asia.

To cater to the high demand, several semi-permanent make-up academies have sprung up. OUNI is among the oldest in Singapore Korean semi-permanent make-up academies in Singapore, teaching students for more than 19 years. This article breaks down OUNI’s 5-day semi-permanent make-up course for prospective students.

Thousands of professional and amateur beauticians have successfully completed OUNI’s Korean semi-permanent techniques course and gone to establish financially successful beautician’s practices. You can benefit a lot from this one-week course if you plan to embark on a beautician’s career path or expand your existing service.

Day 1

The first day is dedicated to covering theory when students learn:

• Semi-Permanent History and its Evolution
• Customers Suitable for Semi-Permanent Make Up
• How to identify prospective customers
• Skin Metabolism
• Colour Usage
• Painless Application of Semi-Permanent Make up
• Types of Eyebrows, Eyeline, Lips & Hair Contour
• Maintaining Semi-Permanent Make Up
• Proper usage of Semi-Permanent Machine
• Hygiene Practice

Day 2

This is the day of hands-on practice.

• Practical Learning on Machine Usage
• Practice Sessions (On Synthetic Skin) with supervision
• Practical Correction and revision
• Practice covering Eyebrow drawing, Eyeline, Lips and Hairline Contouring

Day 3

An expert from South Korea offers a live demonstration and highlights the four types of services.

• Live Demonstration by Instructor for the 4 Semi-Permanent
• Key Highlights on the 4 service types
• Pre Semi-Permanent, During and Post Semi-Permanent Pointers

Day 4 to 5

This is the time to test your skills. Your work with real models and a South Korean instructors reviews your work before awarding you a certificate.

• Practice on real models with supervision and guidance
• Practice on the 4 different Semi-Permanent types
• Review by Korean Instructor or Principal
• Be dual-certified by Korea IFBC and Ouni and receive 2 certification on Semi-Permanent Make Up

After the Course

Like thousands of alumni, you can set out on a financially rewarding career or expand your existing beautician’s practice after learning Korean semi-permanent make-up techniques from OUNI.

Check out the course on our official website and send your inquiries to +6562094877

or at sg@ouni.kr.